Primary Elections – Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bob 2016I am often asked about our State Legislators and how someone can tell whether or no they are representing our interests or not. While nothing will replace the first hand opportunity that every Wyoming resident has to get to know their elected officials, whether we are talking about local, state or nationally. Wyoming is very fortunate to have such great access to our elected officials. If you haven’t tried or attempted to get to know them, I would encourage you to engage with them on the issues that matter to you. 

Obviously, since Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife has a mission statement to promote the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, the quality of wildlife management programs and America’s family heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping. Furthermore, WY SFW stands in defense of the 2nd amendment. Therefore, it goes to reason that WY SFW would spend most of its time addressing these issues; however, all things ultimately are tied to politics.

While WY SFW has not sent out any surveys to our state elected officials, I have often thought how I can help better inform and increase awareness and participation efforts of Wyoming’s Sportsmen and Sportswomen. I have found two sources that have been produced from other organizations that attempt to address past performances of our state legislators.

The 2016 Wyoming Liberty Index (Click here to access it) looks at all state bills (both Senate and House) and attempts to measure whether they support or inhibit liberty. In addition, the Liberty Index also makes an attempt to analyze the voting pattern and provides an Index Score and Table ranking each House and Senate Member respectively. Click here to access the website for the Wyoming Liberty Group.

The second organization that I found and wanted to share with you was from the Conservative Republicans Of Wyoming, better known as CROW. Click here to access their website. CROW has developed what they have termed their Culture War Index. If you click on the Culture War Index it provides you with a link to the Excel Spreadsheet containing their rankings for every House and Senate Member in the State Legislature. The website link I provide gives a lot of background information and will help you better understand the Culture War Index, as it contains a lot of information but could be a little bit confusing without first reading how to interpret it.

While these are only two methods that have been developed by other organizations to evaluate state legislators, I would encourage you to become familiar with the state legislative website which can be found by entering or by clicking here. 

Please remember that for almost all of Wyoming the Primary Election will determine who will be your Representative in the state legislature due to the overwhelming majority of seats held in both the House and Senate by Republican candidates. I would encourage your full and complete participation this election cycle.


Bob Wharff


From the Desk of Bob Wharff