QUESTION:  Who works each and every day to preserve our way of life in Wyoming?

ANSWER:  Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, Inc.—fighting for sportsmen.

  We can no longer take for granted our way of life that, for generations, has been based upon hunting, fishing and trapping.   Hunting, fishing, and trapping are simply part of who we are and why we love Wyoming.

  The last couple of decades have seen growing threats to this way of life.  From the encroachment of the federal government, to the shift in perspective on the part of state regulators to build game preserves—not to work for sportsmen—to advocacy groups who see no need for hunting, fishing, and trapping, it is a constant fight to preserve what we have always enjoyed about Wyoming. 

  That is why your help is so critical.  Without your help, we simply cannot do the fine work we have been doing.  For many of you, you already know the important difference our work has made.  For others, consider the following accomplishments of WYOMING SPORTSMEN FOR FISH AND WILDLIFE:

  • Successfully repelled the efforts of state regulators to increase license fees for hunting that was to be used for “conservation” rather than enhancing wildlife for hunters.
  • Have fought the increase of predators that could decimate wildlife populations, and have secured additional funding for predator boards to address predation on wildlife populations.
  • Worked to delist wolves and grizzly bears.
  • Secured funding for wolf management, aquatic invasive species (AIS) management, brucellosis funding, and the test and slaughter program.
  • Established the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust.
  • For many more accomplishments of importance to sportsmen (click here).

  Because the constitutionally protected right to carry is so fundamental to sportsmen, we have been leading voices in protecting these rights—and we will continue to do so.

  As you can see, we have been very busy.  But we can only be as effective as the resources that we have to work with.   In the coming year, we will be fighting for you in the following ways:

  • Reformation of State Lands Management
  • Accountability of WY G&F Department
  • Reinstatement of State Management of Wolves & Grizzly Bears
  • Maintaining State Management Authority of Sage Grouse
  • Hunter Recruitment & Retention via Restoration of Shooting Sports and Emphasis on Shooting Ranges.