Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (WY SFW) was formed in 2003 following a series of meetings held around the state.

This organization is based upon the model developed by SFW Founder Don Peay; however, it is a totally separate entity, with its own distinct Board of Directors.

Our mission is to promote the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, the quality of wildlife management programs, and America’s family heritage of hunting, fishing, and trapping.

Our primary purpose is to ensure that Wyoming’s Sportsmen & Sportswomen have a seat at the table and a Voice whenever wildlife issues are discussed.

If you have ever felt as though you did NOT have a voice in how your wildlife resources are managed, you should join as a member (provide link to membership application) of Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and add your voice to ours.

Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife is a result driven organization.

Look at our many accomplishments by clicking here.


  1. what is this clubs position on the out of control atv/orv abuse happening to our public lands, city boys and suburbanites are ripping up the mountains in south east Wyo. This part of the state is filling up with city boys and suburbanites from elsewhere and they have brought their bad habits into the mountains. Something needs to be done.

    1. J. Keszei, WY SFW has stood in defense of multiple uses; however, that means that those uses can and should be reasonably applied. While there are some places atv/orv use might need restrictions placed upon their use but as long as they are following the use laws, WY SFW would support their use. Broad blanket statements usually don’t work well. One of the problems that we experienced in SW Wyoming was the ban of atv/orv on the biggest hunter management area in the state. The most maddening aspect of the ban that was implemented specifically on the use by hunters was that everyone, including the landowners, recognized that the people breaking the rules were shed antler hunts in the spring. This was frustrating because it was the hunters that obeyed the law that found their use of atv/orv eliminated because of an entirely different user group.

      Hope that answers your question; otherwise, perhaps you can be more specific.


      Bob Wharff

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